New Fairmount City location for » LandPro Equipment; NY, OH & PA

New Fairmount City Location

LandPro Equipment hosts groundbreaking for new facility in Fairmount City, PA.

Fairmount City, PA - LandPro Equipment is thrilled to announce the groundbreaking of a new facility in Fairmount City, PA. Fairmount City has housed a John Deere Dealership in the same building since 1963 when Ken and George Miller founded Miller’s Equipment. The dealership has changed hands several times over the last 20 years before being purchased by LandPro in June of 2018.

“Fairmount City has enjoyed a local Deere dealership for over 55 years” said LandPro President and CEO, Tracy Buck. “The employees in this location alone have over 430 years of industry experience. It’s an amazing group of dedicated people who treat each other and their customers like family. They embody the LandPro culture and we are thrilled to make this investment to provide them with a great work environment and our customers with a comfortable shopping experience. We have been amazed by the hospitality of this community and look forward to serving it for many years to come.”

The new building will be 16,000 square feet and will boast a larger showroom, parts department and service department, providing employees a safe, efficient and comfortable environment to serve customers in.

Local contractors, Delta Contractors and Design, out of Clarion are building the new facility. Delta and LandPro broke ground today and expect to have the project completed by June of 2020.

A grand opening will take place once the new facility is complete where the public will be invited to come and celebrate. Until then, customers can follow along on the construction journey on LandPro’s Facebook page and website

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