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100 Years of Excellence - John Deere Builds the Best Tractors

Posted by Molly Haungs on 13 October 2017

Get a behind-the-scenes look at how John Deere's biggest tractors are brought to life at Waterloo Iowa. After nearly a century, John Deere is still improving, enhancing and refining our tractors to meet the highest standards anywhere: Yours. Quality is what they do at Waterloo.

We're proud to be a part of the John Deere Legacy. 




Have questions?  Give us a call!

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LandPro sells more than Deere!

Posted by Molly Haungs on 20 June 2017

Did you know all our stores sell Honda and STIHL?
We're talking all the best equipment under one roof with helpful knowledgeable sales folks that are PRO you.  Check out our new equipment page to see all of our equipment lines.

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John Deere X500 Walk Around

Posted by Molly Haungs on 8 June 2017

Learn more about the John Deere X500 Series Lawn Tractor with Shenna from our Edinboro location!









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John Deere Gator Walk Around

Posted by Molly Haungs on 30 May 2017

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Check out the newest LandPro video to see more information on the John Deere Gator and how you can get this machine to work for you!



John Deere Gator Walk Around with Shenna from LandPro Equipment Edinboro

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Top 4 Reasons Your Mower Won't Start

Posted by Molly Haungs on 9 May 2017

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The rain has finally stopped and now that it has we all have rainforest quality of grass to mow.  So what do you do it your mower won’t start?  We asked our Oakfield, NY Service manager, Roger Fisher, the top reasons a lawn mower wouldn’t start.  Roger has 28 years experience and started out in the turf service shop.  

“The first question to ask is, is it turning over?  If it is turning over, check your gas level.  It sounds silly but it’s probably the top reason a newer mower doesn’t start.” 

IMG 8265

We get busy with life and sometimes we forget the simple explanations.

“If it is not turning over, check your PTO switch.  If your PTO is engaged your mower will not start.  If it’s not the PTO check your parking brake.  Your parking brake either needs to be set or you have to engage the brake with your foot petal manually.”

IMG 8263IMG 8264

“If your mower is not turning over and it’s not the brake or the PTO check your lights.  If your lights don’t turn on when you turn the key, chances are your battery is dead or could be disconnected.”

IMG 8266

If none of those are your answer then it’s time to make a phone call to your LandPro service department.  But being able to answer those 4 simple questions will allow your LPE service manager to make a proper service call and one of those 4 reasons is more than 50% of the mower issues we see.


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Meet Our LandPros Vol# 1

Posted by Molly Haungs on 10 March 2017

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LandPro Pro Tip #1

Posted by Molly Haungs on 23 February 2017

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ProTip1 Jeff Fluker


This week's Tip comes from our Alexander Location.
Turf Technician - Jeff Fluker - has been with us for about 7 years, has an awesome wife and family and when he's not in the shop he's out fighting fires -Jeff's a local hero who serves as the Bethany Fire Chief.

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John Deere 1000 Series Compact Tractor Walk Around

Posted by Default Admin on 20 January 2017

Do you have a John Deere 1000 Series Sub Compact Tractor?  Maybe you're thinking about getting one?   Take a look at this video featuring Sheena from our Edinboro, Pa Location!

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How To Operate Your Snow Blower

Posted by Default Z&M on 21 December 2016

Check out our Newest YouTube Video to learn all about how to work your Ariens Snow Blower.  This white stuff is heavy and cold this year!  Stay warm, be safe and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

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