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John Deere 640R NSL

640R NSL for sale at LandPro Equipment; NY, OH & PA. Serving your new and used equipment needs from Alexander, Avon, Brockport, Clymer, Falconer, Hall, Macedon, Niagara Falls, Oakfield, Savannah, Springville, NY, and East Palestine, OH, and Centre Hall, Edinboro, Fairmount City, Halifax, Harrisburg, Mifflintown, Stoneboro, and Watsontown, PA.

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Loader options to improve productivity

The R-Series Loaders come with a number of options to enhance an operator’s experience and to allow more productivity in the field. These options include lighting, hydraulic remote implement latch, loader suspension system, and industry-exclusive return-to-position (RTP) Gen2 technology with electronic self-leveling. 

Loader lights for enhanced visibility in low-light conditions

Hydraulic remote implement latch

Return-to-Position (RTP) Gen2 with electronic self-leveling

Loader suspension system for a smoother ride 

All of these options are powered using a common electrical harness. A customer can add or subtract the features required to get the job done right.

Boom lockout for easy service

A hydraulic shut-off valve is included with the R-Series Ag Loaders to ensure the loader does not lower suddenly. For example, this allows the boom to be locked out when someone is required to be located under the loader boom for service work on the tractor. It should not be used for extended periods of time unless an appropriate support stand is also utilized.

Concealed oil lines improve appearance and reduce damage

Through time, increased width in tractor hoods have caused issues with available space for running traditional oil lines of a loader along the boom, making them more susceptible to damage. 

To improve this situation, the oil lines have been routed through the boom arm and the torque tube, improving line protection and the appearance of the loader.

Loader removal (parking) made easy

R-Series Loaders are now even easier to remove and reinstall due to an automatic mast latch system. Simply exit the tractor once for removal and once for reinstall to reduce the amount of downtime associated with loader parking. 

For a more detailed look at the steps, please refer to the operator’s manual

False rod bucket cylinders improve productivity mechanical self-leveling (MSL) only

Fast bucket cycle times are important to dump the load from the bucket as quickly as possible (quite often) in order to be as productive as possible while completing loading operations. The bucket cylinder design can have a major impact on this cycle time, especially for the MSL loaders.  

All MSL R-Series Loaders utilize false rod bucket cylinders. A false rod cylinder has a smaller displacement of oil requirement on the head end of the cylinder, which allows this cylinder to dump much faster than a normal cylinder.

Single-point hydraulic connection saves time

The 620R and 640R Loaders can be ordered with a single-point hydraulic connection that also incorporates the connection point for any electrical needs. To disconnect the hydraulic connection between the loader and the tractor, it is necessary to relieve the hydraulic system oil pressure on the tractor.

Hood guard for Final Tier 4 (FT4) 6R Series Tractors

The hood guard's basic function is to:

  • Help protect the tractor grille and hood from falling debris or stationary objects such as a wagon or mixer
  • Allow for lighting at night

Grapple for material retention and improved efficiency

All of the H-Series Loaders use the same five-tine pin-on grapple. The advantages of this grapple are:

  • The pin-on method puts the least amount of stress possible on the bucket.
  • The grapple has a wide stance, making it more difficult to twist.

High-performance operators will choose the five-tine grapple for its increased durability and load-carrying capacity. Advantages include:

  • The ability to handle two large round bales instead of one (where loader capacity allows).
  • Strong grapple arms allow the bucket capacity to be increased by almost twice the amount of normal bucket capacity in materials such as silage.

Replaceable bucket cutting edge for added bucket durability

For those who frequently scrape on concrete, a replaceable cutting edge will greatly extend the life of the bucket:

  • 1850-mm (73-in.) width replaceable cutting edge
  • 2150-mm (85-in.) width replaceable cutting edge
  • 2450-mm (96-in.) width replaceable cutting edge
  • 2750-mm (108-in.) width replaceable cutting edge

Digging teeth to enhance loader productivity

Digging teeth can be added to the heavy-duty bucket for easier digging in hard ground or for breaking loose hard-packed materials such as manure or silage. Digging teeth are not compatible with replaceable cutting edges.

High-volume buckets

The high-volume bucket is intended for use with lighter-density high-volume materials. The bucket capacity makes this an effective tool for handling snow, wood shavings, and other loose materials.

Materials bucket

Materials buckets may be used for loading dirt, gravel, feed, and light materials as well as scraping, digging, and other general-purpose task

Bucket-level indicator 

A bucket-level indicator is included in base equipment:

  • Located on the right-hand bucket cylinder
  • Aids the operator, along with the flat top of the bucket, in determining the bucket-level position
  • Does not require adjustment to indicate the level for various attachments

The bucket-level indicator has been redesigned to incorporate curled moveable arrow that will allow operators to set positions to signify the bucket and pallet fork level points. Now the rod can be seen at all positions and marked for any attachment-level position. This design eliminates freezing from occurring that causes failure of the indicator.

Loader boom built for durability

The main structure of the loader, the boom, is designed to maximize visibility for the operator to be able to complete their task easily and to provide sufficient strength to withstand years of rugged use. The boom is manufactured utilizing formed C-sections that are seam welded to create structurally sound tapered boom sections. The front and rear boom sections are then joined at the knee with the rear section overlapping the front section to create a stronger joint versus just butting them together and using an overlapping plate to connect the two sections. At the torque tube, the boom sections are connected.

Industrial-quality Hydro-Max™ 120 Series cylinders

  • Best in the industry - John Deere cylinders are known for being reliable and durable. Manufactured by John Deere Harvester Works Cylinder Division, ensuring the John Deere loaders have the most advanced cylinders available.
  • Precision robot welding - the cylinder end caps are tough enough to stand up to the lifting ability and high system pressures of the tractor-loader combination.
  • Hardened rod - the rod features chrome-over-nickel plating. This gives superior rust resistance and extends the rod's seal life. It also reduces the chance of nicks and dents in the rod itself.
  • 100 percent factory tested - all cylinders are tested and conform to rigid cleanliness standards.
  • Friction-welded rod assembly - This assembly provides superior weld strength, resulting in longer cylinder life.
  • Two-stage rod sealing system - this sealing system features a first-stage buffer seal that acts as a primary sealant.
  • Nonmetallic bearing rings - these rings preserve the surface finish of the barrel and rod, which reduces seal leakage.
  • Steel cap and rod ends - steel is used instead of cast; this avoids porosity leaks and maintains excellent size control for consistent installation.
  • Tight sealing - a four-piece piston seal provides positive sealing action. The backup ring limits seal extrusion and provides longer life to the seals.
  • Tightening of the piston retaining nut controlled by computer - piston joints are consistently tightened to the optimum level for increased durability.
  • Grapple cylinders - improved nut retention properties prevent the nut loosening from the end of the threaded rod.
  • Easy servicing - the cylinders are designed for convenient servicing to save time when repairs are required.

Loader mast connection

The mast of the loader provides the connection between the mounting frame on the tractor and the loader boom. The connecting points are located in the mast, allowing the loader to be removed or parked from the tractor. The automatic mast latch system allows the loader to slide onto the mounting frames before mechanically latching, ensuring that the hydraulics are no longer needed to maneuver the loader onto the frames.

Mechanical self-leveling (MSL) linkage keeps the load level

The R-Series Ag Loaders have a MSL loader that provides added lift capability as compared to a non-self-leveling (NSL) loader. This is due to the mechanical advantage the linkage provides. It also ensures the load remains at the same angle to the ground through the arc of travel from the ground to full lift height. The side-slung self-leveling linkage is sized and located to ensure long life and maximize operator visibility.

R-Series Loaders have easy access to loader service points 

The R-Series Loaders feature end-of-pin greasing in all appropriate pin locations.

Loader configuration

The 620R and 640R can be ordered either non self-leveling (NSL) or mechanical self-leveling (MSL). They are available in either two-function or three-function hydraulics.

Global carrier with automatic implement latching

To remove an attachment, the loader must be positioned so the attachment is approximately 150 mm to 250 mm (6 in. to 10 in.) off the ground and rolled back slightly to minimize loading on the retaining pins at the location the attachment is to be left. The carrier latch handle is moved to the open position, and then the operator simply dumps the attachment forward and lowers it to the ground.

Mid-mounted quick couplers

Mid-mounted quick couplers offer customers an economical approach to powering loader hydraulics. Hoses run from the tractor mid valve to the mounting frame where there are individually connected to the loader hydraulic hoses.

Single-point hydraulic connection to save time

The R-Series Loaders feature a single-point hydraulic connection that also incorporates the connection point for any electrical needs. To disconnect the hydraulic connection between the loader and the tractor, it is necessary to relieve the hydraulic system oil pressure on the tractor.

Mounting frames

Mounting frames are designed to evenly distribute forces during loader operation. Hardware is accessible to torque to the correct specifications. The redesigned mounting frames ensure the automatic mast latch system can slide onto the frames to allow for mechanical connection between the loader and tractor.

Hoses and parts

The loader hoses are connected to the mid-tractor selective control valves (SCVs)


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