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John Deere SS30 High-Torque Stump Shredder

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  • Remove stumps from 203 to 711 mm (8 to 28 in.) in diameter in a single pass. Easily remove larger stumps with multiple bores.
  • Hardened pilot cone draws auger into the stump while 19-mm (0.75 in.)-thick AR500 steel blades efficiently make the cut.
  • Low-speed, high-torque auger planetary drive shreds material more safely and without the dangerous flying debris of conventional stump grinders.
  • Bore 508 mm (20 in.) into the ground to remove feeder roots.
  • Even with slower operating speeds, stump removal is faster than with conventional stump grinders. Site cleanup is easy thanks to the small, contained chip pile.
  • No carbide tools to replace lowers operating costs, and maintenance required only every 1,000 stumps maximizes uptime.
  • Like all Worksite Pro™ attachments, this stump shredder is optimized to work with John Deere skid steers and compact track loaders (CTLs). It’s also compatible with most competitive models. See your local Deere dealer for details.


Model SS30
Weight 590 kg (1,300 lb.)
Length 1670 mm (66 in.)
Width 1160 mm (46 in.)
Height 770 mm (30 in.)
Hydraulic Flow  
Minimum 76 L/min. (20 gpm)
Maximum 170 L/min. (45 gpm)
Maximum Operating Pressure 28 000 kPa (4,000 psi)
Maximum Output Torque 40 670 Nm (30,000 lb.-ft.)
Output Speed  
76 L/min. (20 gpm) 7.0 rpm
95 L/min. (25 gpm) 9.0 rpm
114 L/min. (30 gpm) 11.0 rpm
132 L/min. (35 gpm) 13.0 rpm
151 L/min. (40 gpm) 14.5 rpm
170 L/min. (45 gpm) 16.5 rpm
Maximum Auger Bit Diameter 760 mm (30 in.)
Overall Auger Bit Length 800 mm (32 in.)
Hydraulic 12.7-mm (0.5 in.) quick-connect couplers with
9.525-mm (0.375 in.) case-drain coupler
Electrical None
Vehicle Compatibility 320G, 324G, 330G, and 332G Skid Steers; 325G, 331G
and 333G CTLs


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