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Ag Attachments

Ag & Nursery Forks

Ag fork tines easily penetrate pen-packed material for quick clean-out. Nursery forks easily transport balled and burlapped trees and container stock.

Bale Huggers

Designed specifically for round or rectangular bales, the right- and left-hand arms close simultaneously, applying constant pressure to eliminate the risk of dropped or damaged bales.

Bale Spears

Offering optimal rigidity and capacity, these spears are built for a long working life. Their low-profile design provides unrestricted visibility to the bale spear and tine tips.

Silage defacers

Remove haylage and silage from feed bunkers with a unique blade design to leave a smooth, compacted bunker.

Rollout Buckets

Available in a range of three sizes, rollout buckets are ideal for achieving elevated dump heights in lightweight, high-capacity applications.

Utility Grapples

One-piece grapples provide a firm grasp for efficient hay and manure handling. Greaseable pivot points, hardened pins, and cylinder rods provide long-term strength and durability while grapple opening accommodates large payloads.


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