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John Deere BH8

John Deere BH8 for sale at LandPro Equipment; NY, OH & PA. Serving your new and used equipment needs from Alexander, Avon, Brockport, Clymer, Falconer, Hall, Macedon, Niagara Falls, Oakfield, Savannah, Springville, NY, and East Palestine, OH, and Centre Hall, Edinboro, Fairmount City, Halifax, Harrisburg, Mifflintown, Stoneboro, and Watsontown, PA.

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  • Low-profile console offers excellent visibility
  • Allows maximum efficiency in confined areas
  • Operator's station is easy to enter and exit
  • Single lever locks the boom in place


Model BH8
Transport Height 2286 mm (90 in.)
Overall Transport Length  
313 and 315 Skid Steers N/A
318D/E and 320D/E Skid Steers; 319D/E and 323D/E Compact Track Loaders (CTLs) 4801 mm (189 in.)
326D/E, 328D/E, and 332D/E Skid Steers; 329D/E and 333D/E CTLs 5004 mm (197 in.)
Digging Depth  
Maximum 2718 mm (107 in.)
0.6-m (2 ft.) Flat Bottom 2667 mm (105 in.)
2.3-m (8 ft.) Flat Bottom 2134 mm (84 in.)
Straight Wall 1524 mm (60 in.)
Reach From Swing Pivot 3607 mm (142 in.)
Loading Height 2235 mm (88 in.)
Loading Reach 1168 mm (46 in.)
Stabilizer Spread  
Transport 1372 mm (54 in.)
Operating 2515 mm (99 in.)
Bucket Rotation 180 deg.
Swing Arc 180 deg.
Attachment Weight  
With 406-mm (16 in.) Bucket N/A
With 457-mm (18 in.) Bucket 732 kg (1,610 lb.)
Craning Capacity 372 kg (820 lb.)
Digging Force  
Using Bucket Cylinder 1692 kg (3,730 lb.)
Using Dipperstick Cylinder 1104 kg (2,435 lb.)
Backhoe System Relief Setting 16 720 kPa (2,425 psi)
BH7 Buckets and Capacities  
Standard Pin-On Buckets 330 mm (13 in.)
Heaped Capacity 0.029 m3 (1.04 cu. ft.)
Weight 24 kg (52 lb.)
Optional Heavy-Duty Quick-Coupler Buckets 305 mm (12 in.)
Heaped Capacity 0.024 m3 (0.855 cu. ft.)
Weight 39 kg (87 lb.)
BH8, BH9, and BH11 Buckets and Capacities  
Heavy-Duty Pin-On Buckets 457 mm (18 in.)
Heaped Capacity 0.076 m3 (2.68 cu. ft.)
Weight 57 kg (126 lb.)
Heavy-Duty Quick-Coupler Buckets 457 mm (18 in.)
Heaped Capacity 0.066 m3 (2.33 cu. ft.)
Weight 69 kg (152 lb.)

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