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  • Our FT4/Stage IV diesels deliver the best combination of performance, efficiency, and reliability. They employ field-proven cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), easy-to-maintain high-uptime exhaust filters, and selective catalytic reduction (SCR).
  • Auto-idle applies the brakes and automatically reduces engine speed to help conserve fuel after an operator-determined period of inactivity. Auto shutdown turns off the engine after extended idleness.

Cab Comfort

  • Adjustable automotive-style louvers provide effective airflow to keep the glass clear and the pressurized cab comfortable.
  • Available premium heated air-ride armchair seat adjusts multiple ways for extra comfort and cushioning
  • Optional rearview camera and radar object-detection system or rearview camera only displays the activity behind the machine on the LCD screen. Emits an audible alert for extra awareness in tight quarters and high-traffic areas.

Transmission and Axles

  • All new K Series-II Loaders come with a standard five-speed transmission, a new adaptive clutch cutoff, and new axles with brake retractors that will improve productivity while providing up to 10-percent fuel savings compared to previous K-Series models.


  • Vertical spin-on filters allow quick, no-spill changes. 500-, 2,000-, and 4,000-hour engine, transmission, and hydraulic oil-change intervals help reduce operating costs.
  • Conveniently located, easy-to-read sight gauges and see-through reservoirs let you check transmission, hydraulic, coolant, and windshield waster fluid levels at a glance.
  • Lockable master electrical-disconnect switch, cab circuit breaker, and remote-start terminals are enclosed beneath the right-side step, for ground-level convenience.


MODEL John Deere 624K-II Wheel Loader
Engine Manufacturer John Deere
Engine Model PowerTech PVX 6068
Emission Rating Tier 4
Displacement, ltr (Inches) 6.8 (414)
Rated Speed, rpm 1800
Engine Output - Net, kW (hp) 139 (186)
Torque, Nm (lbf / ft) 826 (609) - Net
Torque Rise, % 64
Transmission Type Powershift
Front Differential Type Locking
Rear Differential Type Open
Tire size - Standard 20.5 R25
Service Brake - Type Wet Disc
Service Brake - Location Axle Inboard
Service Brake - Actuation Hydraulic
Parking Brake - Type Wet Multi Disc - Driveline
Height - Over Cab, mm (ft/in) 3320 (10 ft 11 in)
Wheelbase, mm (ft/in) 3090 (10 ft 1 in)
Length - Including Bucket, mm (ft/in) 7760 (25 ft 5 in)
Ground clearance, mm (inches) 384 (15.1)
Width Over tires - Std, mm (ft/in) 2657 (8 ft 9 in)
Height - Pivot Pin, mm (ft/in) 3950 (13 ft )
Reach - At 2130mm 45 Dump, mm (ft/in) 1570 (5 ft 2 in)
Turning Circle - Maximum, mm (ft/in) 13000 (42 ft 8 in)
Fuel Tank, ltr (gallons (US)) 299 (79)
Hydraulic Tank, ltr (gallons (US)) 105.2 (27.8)
Axle - Front, ltr (gallons (US)) 22 (5.75)
Axle - Rear, ltr (gallons (US)) 17 (4.5)
Transmission, ltr (gallons (US)) 27 (7.125)
Heaped Capacity, m (yd) 2.7 (3.5)
Bucket Capacity - Smallest, m (yd) 2.7 (3.5)
Largest bucket capacity, m (yd) 4.01 (5.25)
Breakout - Bucket , kgf (lbf) 12821 (28266)
Ride Control System Optional
System Voltage, V 24
Alternator Output, Amp 130
Pump Type Piston
Pump Flow, lt/min (gallons (US) / min) 223 (59)
System Pressure, bar (PSI) 248.21 (3675)
Operating Weight, kg (lbs) 15747 (34717)
Dump Height, mm (ft/in) 2860 (9 ft 5 in)
Reach at Full Height, mm (ft/in) 1020 (3 ft 4 in)
Tipping Load - Straight, kg (lbs) 13804 (30433)


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