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John Deere RB2160

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  • Angle adjustment for fine precision grading and leveling
  • Frame's tubular steel is crafted for tough jobs
  • Hitch attaches quickly and efficiently
  • Reversible cutting edge for longer wear life
  • Optional end plate kit holds extra material
  • Optional skid shoes increase cutting edge life
  • Hydraulic cylinder kit for rear blades



Width in working position 1.5 m
5 ft
Moldboard length 152.4 cm
60 in.
Moldboard height 43.2 cm
17 in.
Moldboard thickness 0.6 cm
0.25 in.


Machine 177.8 kg
392 lb
Shipping per unit 193.2 kg
426 lb

Tractor requirements

PTO hp (kW) Max: 2WD - 48.5 kW
65 hp
Max: 4WD - 44.7 kW
60 hp
Hydraulic offset kit (hoses and fittings included)  

Angle, tilt, offset, pivot

Pivot angle degrees 360 degree (angle)
Angle forward, number of positions Three positions, on each side up to 53 degree (angle)
Angle reverse, number of positions Three positions, on each side up to 53 degree (angle)
Tilt positions/degrees Three positions, up to 22 degree (angle)
up or down
Offset position left or right 15.2 or 30.5 cm
6 or 12 in.


Type Cat. 1
Quick hitch compatibility iMatch compatible (quick-attach system)

Reversible cutting edge

Thickness 1.3 cm
0.5 in.
Height 15.2 cm
6 in.


Type Medium

Parking stand

Standard with machine Yes

Set-up time

Labor hours  

Additional information

Date collected  


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