John Deere Frontier Tandem Disks » LandPro Equipment; NY, OH & PA

Frontier Tandem Disks

Large producers and commercial operators want to cover a lot of ground in a hurry, and they can do just that with a Tandem Disk from Frontier™ Equipment. Large blades, deep penetration, and heavy-duty frames make even the largest projects manageable.

  • Tapered roller gang bearings with oil bath lubrication
  • Penetrates soil up to 9 in. (22.9 cm)
  • 10.5 in. (26.7 cm) blade spacing
  • 26 to 28 in. (66 to 71.1 cm) diameter disk blades (available in smooth, notched, or wavy)
  • 265 to 370 lb. (120.2 to 167.8 kg) per blade


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