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John Deere SR1202

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Heat-treated steel shank

The Frontier™ SR12 Series Shank Rippers are equipped with a 61-cm (24-in.) heat-treated steel shank that fractures compacted hardpan to aid in root penetration and decrease water runoff.

Parking stand

The SR12 Series Shank Rippers are equipped with a parking stand for ease of storing and attachability.

Replaceable shank point

The SR12 Series Shank Ripper has a replaceable shank point, allowing for quick and easy maintenance and extending wear life and dependability.

Shear bolt protection

The Frontier™ SR12 Series Shank Ripper is equipped with shear pin shank protection to protect the implement and tractor when encountering obstacles.


Model SR1202
Number of Shanks 2
Working Depth 14 - 18 in. (35.6 - 45.7 cm)
PTO HP 50 - 110 hp (37.2 - 82 kW)
Hitch Cat. 2


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