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John Deere 610 Integral Chisel Plow

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Offers a variety of sizes and excellent residue flow


The 610 Chisel Plow is available in a variety of sizes to help match tractor horsepower and work designs.


Model Width Type of fold Standards
Three-bar integral 2.44 m to 6.10 m
(8 ft to 20 ft)
Non-fold Rigid



Typical percents of the residue cover that remains from the 610 are listed as follows (the percentages do not take into account variables such as the condition of the residue, speed, and soil type):

 610 Percentage


*Non-fragile residue includes crops like corn, sorghum, wheat (more than 45 bu).
**Fragile residue includes crops like soybeans, edible beans, peas, wheat (under 45 bu), sunflower, peanuts, cotton.

Strong mainframe withstands demanding field conditions

The 610 Chisel Plow features a large 102-mm x 102-mm (4-in. x 4-in.) tubular steel mainframe.


Welded construction adds the inner strength that withstands twisting and pulling through demanding field conditions.

Choice of rigid, TruPosition™, and Tru-Depth™ standards

The rigid standard:

  • Is in base equipment on three-section models
  • Is 32 mm x 51 mm x 711 mm (1.25 in. x 2 in. x 28 in.)
  • Design is suited for fields having few obstructions
  • Will till to 203 mm (8 in.) deep
  • Good clearance to handle heavy trash
    • 711-mm (28-in.) underframe
    • 305-mm (12-in.) spacing

The TruPosition standard:

  • Is optional on all models
  • Cast pivot assembly holds shank firm while working in the soil
  • Is 32 mm x 51 mm x 711 mm (1.25 in. x 2 in. x 28 in.)
  • Shank is replaceable without disassembly of the standard assembly
  • Trip action is suited for fields having rocks or other obstructions
    • 550-lb trip 711-mm (28-in.) standard will till to 203 mm (8 in.) deep
    • 711-mm (28-in.) underframe
    • 305-mm (12-in.) spacing
    • Trip height of 254 mm (10 in.) for good clearance
  • Slotted lower hole to aid in removing ground-engaging tools


The Tru-Depth standard:

  • Is optional on drawn rigid and select drawn flexible models up to 838 mm (33 ft)
  • Is 51 mm x 32 mm x 813 mm (2 in. x 1.25 in. x 32 in.); edge is bent for extra strength
  • Designed to work in rocky ground and heavy draft conditions
    • Will till to 305 mm (12 in.) deep
    • Trip height of 279 mm (11 in.)
    • 568-kg (1250-lb) trip force
  • Excellent clearance to handle heavy trash
    • 813-mm (32-in.) underframe
    • 305-mm (12-in.) spacing

Implement warning lights enable safe transport

An implement warning light harness with a turn-signal module for two amber and two red lights are included as standard equipment for safe transport on roads.

The implement warning light harness requires one of the following:

  • Category 2, 3-point hitch with or without Quik-Coupler
  • Category 3 and 3N, 3-point hitch with or without Quik-Coupler
Horsepower requirements
The rigid and TruPosition™ standards require engine horsepower of 6 hp per ft to 10 hp per ft.


The Tru-Depth™ standard requires engine horsepower of 6 hp per ft to 14 hp per ft.

Operator's manual storage container comes as standard equipment

A 102-mm (4-in.) diameter container provides storage to give the operator easy access to the manual at the front of the machine. It is made out of a durable polyethylene and will keep the manual clean and dry in all weather conditions.


The container was designed exclusively for John Deere and the John Deere logo is shown on the lid.

Three-bar coil-tine harrow attachment available to finish off the field

A handy three-bar coil-tine harrow attachment fits compactly behind the chisel plow.

There is 305 mm (12 in.) of fore-aft clearance between the bars plus vertical clearance of 305 mm (12 in.).

NOTE:  Use the harrow attachment only on machines equipped with sweeps; do not use with the 
Tru-Depth™ standard.



Type  Non-fold (integral

Working widths

Rigid frame Option 1
2.44 to 6.1 m
8 to 20 ft

Transport width

Rigid frame Option 1
2.99 to 5.97 m
9.83 to 19.58 ft

Operation depth

Maximum depth 30.5 cm
12 in.

Operating speed

Miles per hour 8 to 11.3 km/h
5 to 7 mph

Horsepower required

Horsepower per foot Rigid and spring-reset standards: 14.7 to 24.5 kW/m
6 to 10 hp/ft
Tru-Depth standards: 14.7 to 34.3 kW/m
6 to 14 hp/ft

Depth control

Option 1 Tractor 3-point hitch


Tubing High strength, box beam steel cross members: 10.2x10.2 cm
4x4 in.
Steel end tubes, welded construction: 5.1x10.2 cm
2x4 in.
Fore-and-aft 182.9 cm
72 in.
Underframe clearance Rigid and TruPosition™ standards: 71.1 cm
28 in.
Tru-Depth: 81.3 cm
32 in.

Standard spacings

Inches 30.5 cm
12 in.

Standard options

Option 1 Spec
3.2x5.1x71.1 cm
1.5x2x28 in.

Maximum operating depth
20.3 cm
8 in.
Underframe clearance
71.1 cm
28 in.
30.5 cm
12 in.
40.6 cm
16 in.
Rigid standard
Option 2 Spec
3.2x5.1x71.1 cm
1.25x2x28 in.
Trip force
249.5 kg
550 lb
Trip height
25.4 cm
10 in.
Maximum operating depth
30.5 cm
12 in.
Underframe clearance
71.1 cm
28 in.
30.5 cm
12 in.
Standard: TruPosition
Option 3 Spec
5.1x3.2x81.3 cm
2x1.25x32 in.
Trip force
567 kg
1,250 lb
Trip height
27.9 cm
11 in.
Maximum operating depth
30.5 cm
12 in.
Underframe clearance
81.3 cm
32 in.
12, 16
Standard: Tru-Depth

Ground-engaging components

Choices Variety of sweeps, shovels, and chisel points


Centerframe depth control wheels and tires

Wing frame wheels and tires

Stabilizer wheels Option 1
Stabilizer wheel frames with 5.90 - 15 4PR implement tires (optional on 2.4-m [8-ft] base models, standard on 4.9-m [16-ft] base models)

No basket harrows

Option 1 Rank spacing
30.5 cm
12 in.

Spike/coil dimensions
30.5 cm
12 in.

3-bar coil tine


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