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John Deere 1795 12Row Split 23 or 24

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  • Precise liquid fertilizer placement with ExactRate™ fertilizer system
  • SeedStar™ 4HP monitoring system – see speed meet accuracy in real time
  • Easy Fold
  • Increase job performance when planting and spraying
  • Mobile row-unit runoff
  • Downforce system options
  • Pneumatic closing wheels
  • Vacuum automation
  • RowCommand™ individual-row control system
  • Seed variable-rate drive (VRD) with half- or three-width disconnect
  • Row cleaner options to meet residue management needs
  • Increase productivity with ExactEmerge™ trench delivery system and BrushBelt™ delivery system
  • Dual 56-V electric motors for ExactEmerge™ row-units
  • Take planter monitoring to the next level with SeedStar™ 3 HP monitoring system
  • SeedStar™ 2 monitoring system gives integrated innovation
  • SeedStar™ XP monitoring system
  • John Deere Connected Support™ prevents downtime and efficiently resolves issues with revolutionary technology-based solutions


Key Specs
Number of rows 23 or 24
Row spacing 23R15 and 24R15: 38 cm
15 in.
Frame - Flexibility Up and down: 15 degree (angle)
Row unit seed hoppers Capacity
Vacuum meter: 2.2 L
0.062 bu
Seed Meters Base

Rows and Row Spacing
Number of rows 24 or 23
Row spacing 23R15 and 24R15: 38 cm
15 in.
Flexibility Up and down: 15 degree (angle)
Lift System
Type Wheel modules with rephasing hydraulic cylinders
Base Fertilizer contact drive tire: 18x9.56-8 4PR: 193 kPa
1.93 bar (28 psi)
Center grame tires (4 per machine): 31R15,32R15, 24R20, 23R15and 24R15 with fertilizer: 11R22.5 TL LR F: 414 kPa
4.14 bar (60 psi)
Center frame tires (4 per machine): 23R15 and 24R15 without fertilizer: 10x15 LR D: 414 kPa
Wing tires (4 per machine): 10x15 LR D: 279 kPa
2.758 bar (40 psi)
Row Units
Type Standard: MaxEmerge™ 5 row units
Optional: ExactEmerge™ row units
MaxEmerge 5e row units
Opener Tru-Vee Double Disk
Row unit seed hoppers Capacity
Vacuum meter: 2.2 L
0.062 bu
Seed Meters
Base Vacuum
Central Commodity System Seed capacity
2467 L
70 bu
3524 L
100 bu
Drive System
Base 56 V Electric motors
Type Automatic alternating or independent control
Seed Monitor System
Base SeedStar™ on GreenStar™ displays
Tank capacity 23R15 and 24R15: 350 Imperial gal.
1590 L
420 U.S. gal.
Tractor mounted or tow behind: Maximum: 9092 L
2000 gal.
Transport width (with markers) 23R15 and 24R15: 4.01 m
13.17 ft
Transport length 23R15 and 24R15: 8.93 m
29.33 ft
Transport height 23R15 and 24R15: 3.96 m
13 ft
Field operation width 23R15: 9.9 m
32.55 ft
24R15: 10.0 m
32.81 ft
Field operation length 23R15 and 24R15: 7.0 m
22.85 ft
Additional Information
Recommended tractor horsepower Minimum required for 9.1 m (30 ft) models: 201 kW
270 hp
Minimum required for 12.2 m (40 ft) models: 268 kW
360 hp
Recommended tractor hydraulics Hydraulic oil pump required to operate ExactEmerge™ planter: 227 L/min
60 gpm
Tractor standby pressure: 15,500 kPa
155 bar (2300 psi)
Hydraulic system working pressure: 20,684 kPa
207 bar (3000 psi)
Hydraulic system burst pressure: 82,737 kPa
827 bar (12,000 psi)


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