John Deere AC-2600TC-T 26-in.,6-Drawer Stainless Steel Tool Chest » LandPro Equipment; NY, OH & PA

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John Deere AC-2600TC-T 26-in.,6-Drawer Stainless Steel Tool Chest

John Deere AC-2600TC-T 26-in.,6-Drawer Stainless Steel Tool Chest for sale at LandPro Equipment; NY, OH & PA. Serving your new and used equipment needs from Alexander, Avon, Brockport, Clymer, Falconer, Hall, Macedon, Niagara Falls, Oakfield, Savannah, Springville, NY, and East Palestine, OH, and Centre Hall, Edinboro, Fairmount City, Halifax, Harrisburg, Mifflintown, Stoneboro, and Watsontown, PA.

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Tool Chests and Cabinets



  • 40-lb. gas shocks for easy lid opening
  • Full-length piano hinges for stability and strength in the top lid
  • Top and bottom cabinets each have stainless-steel locks to keep all items safe and secure (includes two keys for each)
  • Easy-grip stainless-steel handles—top and bottom cabinets have a separate set of handles for easy transportation
  • Easy-grip aluminum full-length drawer pulls to ensure easy opening a stylish look
  • Full extensions and ball-bearing drawer slides for ultra-smooth opening of the drawers; larger drawers have two slides per side; also feature a built-in safety retention device to keep drawers shut when the cabinet is rolled around
  • Each drawer is equipped with a non-skid mat to keep items in their place
  • 304 stainless-steel finish
  • Double-wall construction
  • Two swivel locking and two non-swivel heavy-duty casters
  • One-year warranty 
Manufacturer  John Deere  
Model/Part No.  AC-2600TC-T  
Dimensions (L x W x H)  26 x 18 x 20 in.  
Weight  88 lb.  
Total load capacity*  1,400 lb.(*Total load capacity includes bottom cabinet)  
Drawer Sizes  
Top D1 Drawer Qty.  5  
Top D1 Width  23 1/2 in.  
Top D1 Depth  16 1/2 in.  
Top D1 Height  2 in.  
Top D1 Capacity  100 lb.  
Top D2 Drawer Qty.  1  
Top D2 Width  23 1/2 in.  
Top D2 Depth  16 1/2 in.  
Top D2 Height  3 in.  
Top D2 Capacity  100 lb.  
Bottom D1 Drawer Qty.  2  
Bottom D1 Width  23 1/2 in.  
Bottom D1 Depth  16 1/2 in.  
Bottom D1 Height  2 in.  
Bottom D1 Capacity  100 lb.  
Bottom D2 Drawer Qty.  2  
Bottom D2 Width  23 1/2 in.  
Bottom D2 Depth  16 1/2 in.  
Bottom D2 Height  3 in.  
Bottom D2 Capacity  100 lb.  
Bottom D3 Drawer Qty.  3  
Bottom D3 Width  23 1/2 in.  
Bottom D3 Depth  16 1/2 in.  
Bottom D3 Height  4 in.  
Bottom D3 Capacity  100 lb.  
Bottom D4 Drawer Qty.  1  
Bottom D4 Width  23 1/2 in.  
Bottom D4 Depth  16 1/2 in.  
Bottom D4 Height  7 in.  
Bottom D4 Capacity  100 lb.  

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