John Deere 7080 Series Self-Propelled Forage Harvesters » LandPro Equipment; NY, OH & PA

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7080 Series Self-Propelled Forage Harvesters

John Deere 7080 Series Self-Propelled Forage Forage Harvesters for sale at LandPro Equipment; NY, OH & PA

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7080 Series Self-Propelled Forage Harvesters

The control you need for uncompromising performance

New spout turning
A new spout turning system is available for 7080 Series models. It allows for longer spout extensions and is faster and more reliable, making it easier to get an even fill in trucks and trailers.

Harvest Lab™ Sensor
With the HarvestLab Sensor, you can test your silage’s moisture content anytime, anywhere. Only the HarvestLab Sensor gives you accurate, real-time readings at harvest and before a feed. Plus, in addition to measuring dry matter content, the expanded Constituent Sensing capabilities can predict crude protein, start and fiber (ADF/NDF), which are important nutrient factors in livestock feed.

Kernel Processor
Our kernel processor design has two rolls rotating in opposite directions and at different speeds. The gap between the two rolls determines the pressure on the crop as it feeds through the processor. This allows crack all kernels with a minimum amount of pressure to save fuel. On the 7080 Series, the gap can be adjusted manually or electrically from the cab.

Put more power to the ground when and where you need it the most. ProDrive senses which axle has more traction and sends power to that axle. A differential lock with manual and automatic modes provides even more traction and control when you need it. ProDrive gives the 7080 Series a top speed of 25 mph (40km/h) in transport and 12 mph (20km/h) in the field.

Get the precise length of cut you want with the John Deere IVLOC transmission. Adjust the length of cut from a quarter-inch to one inch while moving between trucks, crops, fields or just different conditions in the field. Or, with new AutoLOC, tie adjustments to real-time moisture readings from the HarvestLab™.

DuraDrum™ cutterhead
The segmented knives on the DuraDrum cutterhead gives you a clean, efficient cut and an edge on efficiency. The slotted knives push back if they hit a rock, minimizing damage and helping to prevent costly downtime. The reverse sharpening system maintains the bevel on knives, giving you more efficient chopping for the entire life of the knife.


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