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John Deere combines have many things in common, but each combine was designed for specific needs. Do any of these apply to you? You’re a fleet owner and want to reduce your fleet; your fields or harvest conditions require you to harvest high-moisture corn or tough-threshing small grains; you are running a fully optimized combine today and you need to get more done in a day; or you would also need to upgrade your header to get more capacity. Consider these factors and contact your dealer to determine the best option.

S Series Combines

300 and 400 bushels
Commonly used for:High moisture corn, tough-threshing small grains.

X Series Combines

420 and 460 bushels
Commonly used for:  High moisture corn, tough-threshing small grains.

T Series Combines

300 bushels
Commonly used for:  Wheat, canola, barley


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