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John Deere H310

John Deere H310 for sale at LandPro Equipment; NY, OH & PA. Serving your new and used equipment needs from Alexander, Avon, Brockport, Clymer, Falconer, Hall, Macedon, Niagara Falls, Oakfield, Savannah, Springville, NY, and East Palestine, OH, and Centre Hall, Edinboro, Fairmount City, Halifax, Harrisburg, Mifflintown, Stoneboro, and Watsontown, PA.

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Utility Tractor Loaders


  • Superior strength and visibility
  • For heavy-duty chores
  • Parking stands are integrated on the loader
Manufacturer John Deere
Model H310 MSL Loader on 5115M Tractor
Technical drawing  
Technical drawing View diagram
Model 5085M/5110M/5115M
Front tire 13.6R24
Rear tire 16.9R34
Front axle configuration MFWD w/ Limited Slip Differential
Wheelbase 2300 mm
  90.6 in.
Pump capacity, gpm 70 L/min
  18.5 gpm
Rated pressure, psi 195 bar
  2828 psi
Leveling configuration Mechanical Self Leveling (MSL)
Bucket used Material 1850 mm
  Material 73 in.
Bucket weight, lb (kg) 228 kg
  503 lb
Lift capacity at full height, lb (kg) ---
Measured at pivot (U) 1632 kg
  3598 lb
Measured at 500 mm ahead of pivot (V) ---
Measured at 800 mm ahead of pivot (V) 1766 kg
  3893 lb
Lift capacity at 59 in. (1500 mm), lb (kg) ---
Measured at pivot (W) 2103 kg
  4636 lb
Measured at 500 mm ahead of pivot (X) ---
Measured at 800 mm ahead of pivot (X) 2019 kg
  4451 lb
Boom breakout force, lbf (kgf) ---
Measured at pivot (Y) 2580 kgf
  5688 lbf
Measured at 500 mm ahead of pivot (Z) ---
Measured at 800 mm ahead of pivot (Z) 2274 kgf
  5013 lbf
Bucket rollback force capacity, lbf (kgf) ---
At maximum height (VV) 1482 kgf
  3267 lbf
At 59-in. (1500-mm) lift height (XX) 2898 kgf
  6389 lbf
At ground-level line (ZZ) 3000 kgf
  6614 lbf
Dimensions ---
Maximum lift height, in. (mm) (A) 3760 mm
  148.0 in.
Clearance ---
At full height - bucket level, in. (mm) (B) 3566 mm
  140.4 in.
At full height - bucket dumped, in. (mm) (C) 2730 mm
  107.5 in.
Overall length (I+F), ft (m) 4.9 m
  16.2 ft
Overall height in carry position, ft (m) (J) ---
Digging depth, in. (mm) (H) 129 mm
  5.1 in.
Reach ---
At maximum height, in. (mm) (D) 985 mm
  38.8 in.
At ground level - bucket level, in. (mm) (F) 2647 mm
  104.2 in.
Bucket angle ---
Dump angle, degrees (E) -70 degree (angle)
Rollback angle, degrees (G) 44 degree (angle)
Dump angle, ground -97 degree (angle)
Cycle times ---
Loader raise, seconds 4.2 degree (angle)
Loader lower, seconds 3.1 degree (angle)
Bucket dump, seconds 2.2 degree (angle)
Bucket rollback, seconds 2.2 degree (angle)

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