John Deere Row-Crop Tractor Loaders » LandPro Equipment; NY, OH & PA

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Row-Crop Tractor Loaders

John Deere Row-Crop Tractor Front End Loaders for sale at LandPro Equipment; NY, OH & PA

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Speed. Power. Performance.

The 640R Series loader brings faster attachment and removal, faster change over between implements, better power, and breakout force, plus design changes that make sure you get the maneuverability you need… and the productivity you want. Works with new FT4 mid-size tractors and with an R Series mounting frame can be retrofitted to IT4 tractors.


Built to take it


Whether you’re running an H-Series Loader or the R-Series, heavy-duty cast steel components are built to handle the stress of hard work … every single day. And concealed oil lines reduce damage to the hydraulic system while improving visibility.

Parking is a snap

With the R-Series Loaders, the operator only needs to exit the tractor once to remove or attach the loader. No tools, no loose parts … no problems.

Return-To-Position and Electronic Self-Leveling

If your day involves pallet-stacking, bale-moving, or other repetitive functions, take a look at the new Return-To-Position/Electronic-Self-Leveling feature, available with select H Series Loaders and 6R Series Tractors. You can set up to two boom positions and two bucket or fork positions; a quick tap of the loader joystick returns the boom and/or bucket to your preset position. And for operators who need a self-leveling loader without additional mechanical or hydraulic components, take a look



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