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We Started a Blog!

We Started a Blog!

Posted by Molly Haungs on 11 November 2016

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Welcome to the first LandPro Equipment!  What? A Blog?

A Blog! It occurred to us that you might enjoy hearing more about us, getting to know our team and getting tips and tricks on using and maintaining your equipment.  We’re excited to interact with you more and if you have something you’d like us to blog about or have a question you want answered – you can e-mail us here!
We have so much planned; cool how-to videos, interesting articles, equipment maintenance tips and FAQs and so much more, all coming your way every Friday.  We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we have enjoyed working on it.

So… More important than our first blog?  Happy Veteran’s Day!

american flag logo bravesmallI’ve always heard those amazing stories about people in airports who buy a soldier dinner or pay their tab at a restaurant or bar or stand up and start an ovation when they see a group of veterans but I had never seen it.  Until this weekend that is.  I was standing in line for coffee with my little boy.  We were off to the side waiting for our order when I noticed the woman that was behind me in line was blushing and thanking the woman behind her.  The woman she thanked reached for her hand and said “God bless you and your family for all of your sacrifices.  Thank you for your service to this country” and paid for her coffee.   Typing that out leaves me with the same proud, humbled feeling I felt when I saw it happen.  I was so glad my son witnessed a simple showing of gratitude and kindness.  It inspired me to honor our Veterans more.  It doesn’t take a grand effort.  It took a cup of coffee… In fairness it was a Target Starbucks but that $5 over priced coffee taught me a lesson in stepping outside of my comfort zone and self-awareness to honor those who fought for the rights we enjoy today.  I hope that I remember that feeling the next time I see a veteran and thank them because I think those simple acts of appreciation are what makes a difference. 

To our Veterans, thank you for your service and your faith in this Country. We hope you will all join us at any of our stores for a cup of coffee so that we can shake your hand and extend our gratitude to you.   Because we are so grateful for your sacrifice.





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