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Precision Ag Hardware

 BCA Ag Technologies


A Solution for everyone.

At BCA we are proud to offer precision agriculture solutions for all agricultural equipment, regardless of color. Our highly trained staff offers sales, service, and installation of the industries latest technology.


John Deere

Our premier Ag Technology manufacturer.   Only John Deere seamlessly connects machines, people, technology, and insights to give you an advantage.

brand 360

360 Yield Center

With a team of experienced and passionate farmers, agronomists, and engineers, we develop solutions to help you maximize yield efficiently.

brand soilmax


Soil-Max® creates effective tools for agricultural drainage. Higher Yields, Sound Investments

brand CapstanAG


CapstanAG specializes in precision application systems for the agricultural industry, primarily focusing on chemical and fertilizer application.

brand dickeyjohn


DICKEY-john provides an innovative line of electronics for farmers worldwide. Put the power of DICKEY-john's industry-leading instrumentation in your fields.

brand dawn

Dawn Equipment Company

Our perpetual endeavor is the development of premium, highly flexible, row crop tool platforms with matchless durability, manufactured and assembled in the United States of America.

brand norac


NORAC products lead the industry in accuracy by maximizing application deposition. The system will keep the boom at an entered, preset height, allowing chemicals to be applied in an optimum spray pattern. With NORAC, you’re maximizing your inputs through consistent application and reduced spray drift.

brand surefire

SureFire Ag Systems

Providing farmers custom, compatible, complete solutions for the application of crop inputs.

brand OPI

Advancing Grain Storage Management

For close to 35 years, OPIsystems has provided leading-edge grain management solutions to the worldwide marketplace. OPI has empowered more than 26,000 farm and commercial customers in over 46 countries to effectively manage their grain in storage and prevent losses.

brand digistar


Digi-Star is dedicated to the development, production and marketing of electronic weighing systems and feed management systems for the global agricultural market. We continually strive to improve the quality of our products, services and relationships. This is achieved by the active participation of creative, highly motivated, responsible people in a team enviornment. Our Precision Agriculture Solutions help feed the world.

brand MartinTill


These simple planter attachments are making it possible for more and more farmers to plant into higher levels of residue. Millions of acres are now planted this way each year and many of our customers are repeat buyers. Higher levels of mulch mean less erosion and more consistent and lower cost yields, all while the soil is rebuilding itself in preparation for supplying cheap food for generations to come.

brand agleader

Ag Leader

Ag Leader offers the complete package of precision farming tools from planting to harvest and from the desktop to the field.

brand precisionplant

Precision Planting

Precision Planting is the place for new ideas and technology that help you achieve the best possible control of singulation, spacing and emergence.


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