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 BCA Ag Technologies

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  • services SoilSampling

    Soil Sampling

    Test, Don't Guess

    Let's start with the basics, crop nutrient requirements. Don't waste your money on unnecessary or poorly placed crop inputs, and don't miss out on margin from lower yields or poor crop quality from insufficient fertility. We customize a plan for your operation to measure soil fertility and set your crop up for success.

  • services prescripMapping

    Prescription Mapping

    Any Product, Any Machine, Any Time

    Now that you know what the crop needs, lets put the right product in the right place at the right rate. We can develop prescription maps for any fertilizer product, as well as planting prescriptions. Already have soil samples and recommendations? No problem, we can turn any recommendation in to a variable rate prescription map.

  • services Yieldmapping

    Yield Mapping

    Your Report Card

    Yield Mapping includes field level Yield and Moisture maps. Each yield map comes with Min, Max, and Average bushels per acre, plus total harvested bushels. Use the yield maps to look at within field variability, determine average bushel per ac. and total bushels harvested for each field. Moisture maps show varieties that dry down faster in the field.

  • services DataMgmt

    Data Management

    A paper map is NOT a plan!

    Precision agriculture works – plain and simple. But with so many programs, tools and options available, how do you make it work for your farming operation? What’s the first step to success?It starts with a plan – and no, a paper map is not a plan! A successful plan connects the right precision tools, right services and right people to your farming operations. There are no shortcuts, no magic bullets or easy buttons. That’s why we’re here to bring everything together seamlessly, helping you to collect, store and utilize your data in whole new ways – conveniently, secure and profitably.



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