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Integral Planters

John Deere Integral Planters for sale at LandPro Equipment; NY & PA. Serving your new and used equipment needs from Alexander, Avon, Brockport, Clymer, Falconer, Hall, Macedon, North Chili, Oakfield, Savannah, Springville, NY, and Edinboro, PA.

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Know your Right Choice

What’s the difference between MaxEmerge and MaxEmerge 5e? What’s the complete list of features available for ExactEmerge? Is my planter SeedStar Mobile ready? We have the answers for you so you can know what John Deere planter option is best for your farm operation.

All-New MaxEmerge™ 5e Row Unit

Available for the first time is our new single electric motor MaxEmerge 5e row unit. You get the traditional planting system of a seed tube, but the ability to compensate for turns and maintaining in-row spacing – which helps improve population and spacing accuracy. Combine that with new individual row hydraulic downforce that independently adjusts on a per-row basis. Plus, all-new pneumatic closing wheels offer four times the downforce applied at the seed trench for greater seed-to-soil contact

New 1725C ExactEmerge™ Planter

Who says the CP690 and CS690 cotton harvesters have to be the ultimate in cotton production? With the new 1725C ExactEmerge Planter from John Deere, cotton growers get all the agronomic advantages ExactEmerge offers – dual electric motors, BrushBelt™ delivery system, and industry-best 10mph planting speed

Central Commodity System™
CCS seed delivery adds productivity through increased seed capacity, bulk fill capability and easy, thorough cleanout. It’s a great efficiency-enhancer, no matter whether you’re planting corn, sweet corn, popcorn, cotton, sunflowers, soybeans or sorghum (milo). Available on the 16Row30 1720CCS Stackfold Planter, as well as two new custom-built planters produced in partnership with Orthman Manufacturing.

SeedStar™ XP Monitoring System
Finally you can uncross your fingers at planting season. With the new SeedStar™ XP you can rely on real-time data vs. luck to ensure healthier yields. The new monitoring system delivers planting information as it happens to your GreenStar™ 2 Display. Immediately identify skips, multiples and changes in ride quality while you plant, then make adjustments instantly to boost your yield potential and lessen seed waste. Better still, there’s no need for another monitor in the cab. SeedStar™ XP integrates seamlessly with the entire family of GreenStar 2 displays making your investment attractive and functionality familiar.

RowCommand™ Row-Control System
RowCommand is the easy way to help reduce seed waste and minimize yield drag. You’ll put seed only where you want it, and no where you don’t. Operate the system manually by using the in-cab controls, or pair it with SwathControl Pro™ for maximum effectiveness.

Row Tillage
With a wide range of high-performance row tillage attachments for your planter, you can tailor options to your specific soil types and residue levels. Coulter arms, disk furrows, bed sweeps, row cleaners, and more – your operation, your call.


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