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LandPro 360 Solutions

Current John Deere AMS Products
  • JD 2630 GS3 2017

    JD 2630 (GS3)

    10.4” Color Touch Screen Compatible with any color machine

    Increase Profitability with documentation and information management

    Maximize efficiency when teamed up with precision applications (Auto-Trac, Auto-Trac Row Sense, Section Control, SeedStar, Harvest Monitor, iTec Pro, Machine Sync, Surface Water Pro Plus, and Pivot Pro)

    Ability to upgrade system as needed to maximize your investment

    Wireless Data Transfer and Remote Display Access Compatible

  • JD 1800 GS2 2017

    JD 1800 (GS2)

    Compatible with any color machine

    Easy to use and access information

    Record field totals with Documentation Basics

    Maximize efficiency when teamed up with precision applications (Auto-Trac, Section Control, SeedStar, Harvest Monitor, Pivot Pro)

  • JD StarFire6000Receiver 2017

    StarFire 6000 Receiver

    Get started faster with improved satellite pull in performance.

    Maximize uptime to keep a job moving.

    Introducing all new SF3 correction signal with 1.2 in accuracy and in season repeatability.

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    Other Products

    RTK Towers

    Wireless Data Transfer

    Product Training

    Pop up fertilizer kits

    Non-Deere Solutions for guidance

  • JD RateController2000 2017

    JD Rate Controller 2000

    Simultaneous liquid and dry product control

    Automatic rate control

    Field documentation

    Map-Based prescriptions

    JD Section Control (activation required)

  • JD HarvestLab 2017

    Harvest Lab

    Instantaneous yield and moisture information

    Collects data for analysis and reporting

    Accurate moisture readings help to quantify value and operational efficiency

    Stationary kit available which offers value all year long


    Constituent Sensing
    (Additional Activation Required)

    Allows accurate measurement of crop dry matter and predicts starch, protein, and acid detergent fiber, neutral detergent fiber content in corn forage.

  • JD AutoTrac 2017

    JD Auto-Trac

    Increase profitability and reduce overlap

    Reduce operator fatigue and time spent in each field

    Reduce soil compaction and passes


    Ask us about Auto-Trac Universal or Auto-Trac Controller which are products that offer JD guidance for mixed fleets.

  • JD SectionControl 2017

    JD Section Control

    Automatically control implement sections

    Improve efficiency by reducing overlap, input costs, and operator stress

    ISOBUS implement compatibility

    Control multiple operations simultaneously

    Versatile with different equipment and operations

  • JD OperCenter 2017

    JD Operations Center

    Analyze data for insights to take action

    Remotely manage machines and operators

    Collaborate with staff and partners

    Connected software applications

    Optimize in-field work

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